Video clips to inspire you

Asia Literacy in Action: Jen Stevens – Arts – middle secondary – Ceramics
Jen Stevens shows how she is integrating Asia literacy into her ceramics classes and how the overlay of the cross curricula priority of Asia is taking her students' work to a whole new level.
Asia Literacy in Action: Jess Grigg – Geography – Lower Secondary
Jess Griggs shows how she is **integrating Asia Literacy into her Year 7 geography** class and how she would make changes to improve on this next time round.
Asia Literacy in Action: Integrating 3 cross priorities with authenticity
St Joseph's Primary School at Crib Point shows how they are integrating Asia literacy into their curriculum through connections with their mangroves (sustainability) and care of them (indigenous studies). A great example of the 3 cross curriculum priorities being seamlessly integrated to enhance authentic learning.
Asia Literacy in Action: VCE Sociology and EAL
Bendigo Senior Secondary College is addressing outcomes for VCE Sociology and EAL, intercultural understanding, Asia literacy and internationalising the curriculum all through one innovative and easily replicable program.
Asia Literacy in Action: Adrian Bassett – Upper primary enquiry unit
Adrian Bassett shows how he is seamlessly **integrating Asia Literacy into his Grade 5/6 class** in Economics, Civics and citizenship, English, Maths, forms of government and Humanities.
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Asia Literacy in Action: Arlene Roberts – English – Lower/Middle SecondaryArlene Roberts shows how she is integrating Asia literacy into her English classes and how the overlay of the cross curricula priority of Asia is enriching her students' work with greater intercultural understanding.
Asialink is Australia’s leading centre for the promotion of public understanding of the countries of Asia and of
Australia’s role in the region. The organisation is a key provider of information, training and professional networks.
They have a collection of inspiring videos via Youtube here
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This 3 minute DVD serves as a model for the Most Signifcant Change reporting process. It tells the story at
Marlborough Primary School and their involvement in the L21CSV Engage with Asia program
The importance of building Teacher Capacity - how schools do it to support Asia Literacy
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Curriculum Implementationin 3 schools to support Asia literacy

SBS CQ Cultural Intelligence - The Media and Diversity Debate

3 Film clips to use with your students. SBS CQ is a forum series and online resource around
media practice, particularly as it relates to Australian cultural diversity.
Why you should be teaching your kids an Asian languageOzzie lang clip.PNG

Everything you ever wanted to know about China in 10 minutes