Schools in Action

As part of the project, principals have either presented reports on their activities to groups around the state, or more recently attended the SHOWCASING AND REPORTING day using the MOST SIGNIFICANT CHANGE process.
Most Significant Change - stories of embedding Asia literacy in Victorian schools
These stories have been mapped against the four 'domains' of the Asia Literate Rubric to show examples of change and deepening Studies of Asia in schools.

Stories from Cohort 5 - from the 2014 MSC day

Policy and Leadership
Teacher Capacity
Curriculum Implementation
Student Outcomes
From the Bush to Beijing

The Right Person

Relationship Building

Tokenism to Belief

Action Team leads the way

to Asia

Engaging with and thinking critically about our Asian Neighbours

Embedding Authentic

Asia Literacy within the VCE Curriculum

Exposing students to Indonesian language and culture

Relationships Matter Most!

Bendigo Team China

Embracing Cultural Understanding

Stories from Cohort 4 - from the 2013 MSC day

Policy and Leadership
Teacher Capacity
Curriculum Implementation
Student Outcomes
Final selections
Empowering local Schools
Kalinda PS and their sister school
Nothing earth shattering, but commonsense
Whole community links to Asia
1st round selections
How Asia and ICU enhances the curriculum
Perfect timing

Asia Aware
From German to Chinese

China meets Canadian lead PS
Learning a Language - a change of community attitiude
Expanding Horizons

Slow Changes Change Attitudes
Engaging with Asia ... and the world

Stories from Cohort 3 - from the 2012 MSC day

Policy and Leadership
Teacher Capacity
Curriculum Implementation
Student Outcomes
Final selections
Becoming Asian Literate – an outside in approach!
Good EAL perspective and entry points too
Why Should We Learn About Asia?
Amazing Asia
Good EAL perspective and entry points too
Reconstructing Language and Learning
1st round selections
Aspects of Asia
Our Journey to becoming Asia Literate
Creating a global focus for Year 9 students
We Are One But We Are Many.
Curriculum Development with Asian Literacy
A Chance to Develop Cross Curricula Planning In Asian Studies
Becoming Asia Literate
Asian Literacy – A Revelation
Opening Our Eyes
Serving in India

Stories from Cohorts 1 and 2 - from the 2011 MSC day

Policy and Leadership
Teacher Capacity
Curriculum Implementation
Student Outcomes
Government Schools
Ad hoc gives way to systematic deepening - Mentone Girls Secondary College
A cluster approach to engaging with Asia - Neerim South PS
New beginnings
Opening our eyes - Koroit and District PS
China study tour - Rokewood PS
Yarra Primary: studies of Asia story - Yarra PS
Joining the dots to complete the picture - Valkstone PSTurning Around the Decline - Mornington Secondary College
Preparation lays foundation for strong sister school relationship - Koonung SC
ICT and 5 Languages - Hampton PS
More than the 5 'F's - Malvern PS
Choose Asia - Spring Parks PS
Asia Awareness - Tallarook PS
Catholic Schools
Teaching LOTE - Japanese, fusion of two new initiatives
Vietnam immersion, The bottle of water - St Martin of Tours
Deep reflection leads to significant change - Sacred Heart PS Oakleigh
Skype gives language and culture real purpose - Mater Christi College
Sharing brings a sense of belonging - Nazareth College
Independent Schools
Taiko drums help beat new lessons
Building Asian links - Lowther Hall Anglican School
The Great China Connection - Firbank Grammar

In the meantime, schools who have reported elsewhere have included some of their stories below. You can learn from others in your own or a different sector, from primary or seconday principals in country or metropolitan areas. Choose from those below - more will be added as reports come in.


Thomas Mitchell PS- a multicultural school with great ideas
Redesdale Primary School- small school, big impacts!! (also large file)
Serpell Primary School- recently visited China
Ruskin Park Primary School- a focus on Japan, sister schools and the Australian Curriculum.(large file)

John Williams - Moreland PS
Aspendale Gardens PS:

Aspendale Gardens Master Chefs
Bentleigh Secondary College

Fairhills Secondary College

Pam Kinsman Torquay P-9

Lumen Christi - Churchill:

St Paul Apostle South:

Cathedral College - Changing views in Asia
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