Recommended Professional Reading
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Major documents are listed below:

Global Citizenship Education - A Guide for Policy Makers
2017 - from APCIEU

Australia in the Asian Century White Paper: Asia literacy has emerged as a priority area for Australian schools as outlined in the White paper - (full version here)
KPMG response to the White paper

Asialink Index

OECD report – Are students ready for a technology rich world?

McKinsey Report

Touching the Future : Building skills for life and work
Author: Johanna Wyn, The University of Melbourne
Professor Wyn believes formal education has lost its credibility, unable to offer the flexible styles of learning that young people now demand.

The language education debate: Speak, and ye shall find knowledge
Author: Kent Anderson & Joseph Lo Bianco
Languages are back in the news. As part of the national curriculum debate, English is one of the first cabs off the rank and Languages Other Than English are following in the second group. The National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program also adds limited funding for the next three years to promoting four targeted languages. Moreover, there is the slow burn of the crisis of language learning at both secondary level, where a pitiful 12 per cent of students who complete secondary schooling take languages in their final exams, and at the tertiary level, where the number of languages taught has fallen from 66 to less than 30 in the past decade. This discourse is taking place against the backdrop of the financial crisis, which only heightens how important languages are in our rapidly and deeply globalised world, where the pension incomes of Australians are tied to the economic fortunes of North Americans, Asians and Europeans. This is what globalisation ultimately means: international dependency of a depth that has never been experienced in human history.