Supporting the implementation of Studies of Asia

Asia literacy has emerged as a priority area for Australian schools as outlined in the White paper - Australia in the Asian Century (full version here)

With the release of The Melbourne Declaration for Educational Goals for Young Australians which emphasises the importance of Asia literacy ( followed by the The Australian Curriculum, the importance of providing students with educational experiences that take into account the changes over the past 20 years is critical.

The Australian Curriculum includes Asia as one of its priorities across the curriculum. This is a key componenet of our curriclulum.

See an example of it being mapped with the other priorities in a primary school here: external image pdf.png Mapping X curric priorities.pdf

"India, China and other Asia Pacific nations are growing and strengthening their impact on the world, representing a huge shift in geopolitical power and sparking the need for all Australians to become 'Asia literate'.

Asia literacy has emerged as a priority area for Australian schools. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has commented that ‘it is impossible to conceive of a future Australian education system that does not take Asia seriously’. Similarly, the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd recently stated that he ‘wants Australia to become the most Asia literate country in the western world’.

what are Asia skills and why we need them.

You can listen and watch some video clips of Australians talking about how their Asia skills have made a big impression to their lives here and access some great notes to help you think about their use with teachers, students or the school community

How to plan and include Asia literacy in the curriculum??

A rubric showing what an Asia literate school might look like is widley used and available here
Aspendale Gardens Primary school have developed
a simple 2 year scope and sequence document across the levels
Birmingham Primary School have generously shared their 2 year Inquiry Learning overview
Victory Christian College share their planning document showing how they include the cross curriculum priorities in their documentation
Don Valley Primary School is a very small school and have shared their 3 year scope and sequence planner