2012 Presentations

ICT and ASIA - October

Lindy's powerpoint presentation:

Tom's site
Wordpress - StudiesofAsia
Some sites created on the day:

And ideas for use from another delegate:
http://birminghamps.vic.edu.au & http://notablankslate.wordpress.com

NGV and Asia - October and November 2012

Principals Associations - supporting Asia Literacy
Leading Asia Literacy - leaders talk about what and how
Arts focus newsletter - http://studiesofasia.wikispaces.com/file/view/SOA_Newsletter_June-July_2012.pdf
PD for term 4
Resources - to buy or borrow; lists for libraries; ideas for overseas learning experiences
Units of work
Favourite links
An Asia Literate School - the rubric

Asia and the Australian Curriculum - GTAV conference

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Lindy's powerpoint presentation:

Tom's site
Wordpress - StudiesofAsia2012

Here is a selection of sites created on the day about Asia:
Year 7/8 Humanities - Japan and China
Ideas for Culture, Literacy and Numeracy
Japan, China, India for primary http://roxannewells.wordpress.com/category/junior-school/japan/
All sites created listed here:

ZOO PD May 2 2012

The day was cold and wet, but full of enthusiasm
and energy as we heard about connections with
the Australian Curriculum to Asia and Sustainability.
The great Race Around the Asian Rainforest
saw the accumulation of lots of knoweldge and
great ideas for applications in school.
See them here:

Workshops from the day and materialsfrom them are here:
Arts Inspired by Asian Rainforest Animals with Lynn Jennison
Workshops from the day and materials from them are here:
Primary Literacy with Orang-utans with
Maggie Catterall & Diane Campisano

Engaging with the Weird & Wonderful Wildlife of Indonesia, Multiple Intelligences & Web 2.0 with Julie NewnhamPowerpoint:
Other great resources available at her Indo wiki:

Art of Gardening for Reflection and Meditation with Brendan Curtis

How to Paint an Elephant Calf - Mali in My School with Dee Zabel & Sean Coleman

Signs of Life - Biodiversity & Environmental Science for the Middle Years with Andrew Eadon
Check out the new app 'actwild' and http://actwild.org.au

Animasia with Iris Wong
See the great app for Sustainable Seafood Guide for Australia and do you bit for the oceans.

Rainforest Classification with Ben Liu

Studies of Asia and the Australian Curriculum

Aisa and the Zoo - Sean Coleman:

Hume Multicultural and Global Citizenship PD at Wodonga and Shepparton

March 2012

Handouts: and

Sweets - at the Immigration Museum

View the Prezi presentationfrom the day

Access the handouts from the day here:

The Asia Literate Rubric

National Statement on Asia LIteracy

L21CSV Networks for curriculum leaders

View the prezi presentation or the powerpoint:


Asia literate rubric

Caulfield PS - 9 February

Link to ACARA's cross curriculum priority of Asia


National Statement on Asia Literacy


Asia and VELS

https://studiesofasia.wikispaces.com/file/view/ASIA+and+the+VELS.pdf and


RPO Day - 8 February

SEAA National Conference January 2012

Developing Asia literacy - Learning from the lead�­ing c21st schools Victorian program.
The Leading 21st Century Schools Victoria: engage with Asia program has grown out of the national L21CS program that was launched in 2008. Victoria has given priority to a suite of programs that surround this central professional learning for principals. This ground breaking work is reaching a significant proportion of schools and measuring significant change, depth and sustainability in the quality of student outcomes, teacher capability and whole school change. Victoria now has nearly 10% of all schools in all sectors engaged in this work with the potential to influence nearly 12,000 teachers and 130,000 students.This paper will discuss the philosophy behind the approach, the programs available, the reports and findings, the connections with the Australian Curriculum and the interconnectivity of programs and initiatives that support this work.