UNICEF has its own website for India, dealing specifically with the issues facing women and children. It also has links to a ‘children’s corner’ that has interactive quizzes about issues such as child labour, polio and girl’s education; games and cartoons about education and children’s rights.
This is the UNDP website for India. It provides brief information about the major development issues in India. It has links to fact sheets and project documents for people who would like to delve deeper into these issues.|[[|]]
For participants interested in the Gross National Happiness concept, they can visit the website of Bhutan Studies. They have links to a set of publications and research papers on the concept. For a quicker, less dense overview, try the Wikipedia entry at
(Wonderful Bhutan)
This website would be useful for anyone who is interested in the so-called “Kerala model of Development’ with links to related articles. The success of Kerala in achieving high development indicators in non-economic areas (such as infant mortality and women’s literacy) is regarded as an important exception to conventional development thinking.
(South India: Globalisation Old and New, Southern Spice Route)
The International Institute for Labour Studies has published information on the web about the Bangalore Software Industry. The contents page enables easy access to the sections you are interested in, and the format is easy to understand.
Mumbai is the economic hub of India. The Economist offers a quick fact sheet of the city, including statistics and a brief overview of their economy.
Mumbai is one of the largest urban centres in the world, and growing. This websites outlines some of the problems facing cities like Mumbai, including inadequate housing, infrastructure and overpopulation.
Tiffin-patiwalas are a celebrated part of Mumbai life, delivering food to thousands of workers throughout the city. They have gained the attention of journalists and management gurus for their ability to perform a complicated service with low error rates. This website gives a great overview, and gives you a head start in the ‘tiffin’ lingo
World Vision Australia is supporting Linking Latitudes India. World Vision India’s website contains information about their programs in India.