The following presentation has been facilitated at Principal Network meetings. Feel free to download and use!

Curriculum Audits

“It is now time to move beyond just occasionally peppering our lessons with examples of food, stories, music or costumes from Asian countries, to clearly articulating what outcomes we want students to achieve and designing learning experiences that enable and encourage students to achieve them.”
Teacher and School Resource Book

Reflection Questions:
Where do we engage with Asia in our existing curriculum programs?
Invite teachers to reflect on where Asia is currently addressed across year levels and domains of learning. A template is provided to assist with this.
VELS Template – primary and secondary

primary school audit template - vels based

secondary school audit template - vels based

Compilation of St Columba's curriculum audit.

What opportunities exist to strengthen student’s engagement with Asia?
A number of opportunities exist within the Victorian Essential Learning Standards to incorporate a study of Asia from Prep to Year 10. A detail outline of these opportunmiteis can be found at

The following are primary and secondary school examples of where studies of Asia can fit into a curriculum program across the Domains of English, Humanities and The Arts. These have been developed based on the Scope and Sequence Units of work plus examples from Network Leaders schools in Victoria.

sample primary school program

How can we build on existing extra curriculum programs?
Consider opportunities that exist within your school that can be strengthened through the teaching of Asia. For example:

  1. Sister school programs – do the countries of sister school programs feature in the curriculum of your school?
  2. International students – is the history, geography, culture of these schools covered in curriculum programs.
  3. Overseas visitors - how do we prepare students and staff for overseas visitors?
  4. Teacher Exchange programmes - how do we capitalise on teachers experiences to ensure these are linked to learning and teaching programs?