Defining Asia Literacy - what is it?

  • A new National Statement on Asia Literacy in Australian Schools has just been released
This includes three broad areas:

Asia and its diversity

The peoples and countries of Asia are diverse in ethnic background, traditions, cultures, belief systems and religions.

Interactions between diverse environments and human activity shape the countries of Asia and its region and have influence globally.

Achievements and contributions of the peoples of Asia

The achievements of the peoples and countries of Asia have contributed and continue to contribute to world history and human endeavour, and their participation is fundamental to the well being and progress of the world.

The arts and literature of Asia have significant influence on the aesthetic and creative pursuits of people and societies in Australia, the region and globally.

Asia-Australia engagement

For Australians to be good regional and global citizens we need to understand, learn from, and engage and communicate with our Asian neighbours.

Australia is located in the Asia region and our histories from ancient times to the present are linked.

Australians have played and are playing important roles in major events and developments in the Asia region.

Australians of Asian heritage have influenced Australia’s history and continue to influence its dynamic culture and society.

SO what is a workable definition?
Asia Literacy is foundational and deep knowledge, skills and understanding about the histories, geographies, societies, cultures, literatures and languages of the diverse countries that make up our part of the world.
Asia literacy has been coined as a term to cover the skills, knowledge and understandings that people need to live and work effectively in Asia and with people from the Asia region.'

More on what are Asia skills and even some on why we need them.

You can listen and watch some video clips of Australians talking about how their Asia skills have made a big impression to their lives here and access some great notes to help you think about their use with teachers, students or the school community
What does it look like?
A rubric showing what an Asia literate school might look like is widely used and available here

Global competencies which include Asia can be found here