Online Resources

This page is dedicated to online resources that are NON COUNTRY SPECIFIC, but ABOUT ASIA and/or a range of Asian countries

Online resources that connect to particular countries are found on the country pages of the Studies of Asia units of work Wiki

General online resources that provide great tools for teaching and learning generally can be found at: 21st Century Learning


Broad websites

Morality Tales East / West -

Karma -
Fairy Tales Around the World -
English for Global Education -
Anti-hate website -
Free Rice - improve your spelling and donate Rice!
Identity - Yours, mine, ours - exploring identity with the Immigration Museum
The Legacy of Ghengis Khan -
Common Threads: Weaving Child Rights into Global Education -
Arab Gateways - explores some of the history, geography, economics and culture of the Arab region. It promotes understanding of the cultures, values, beliefs and diversity of peoples of the Arab region.
East Asia (Columbia University) - has 18 units of work and lessons to choose from for East Asia.
Foundation Geography: Special places
Connecting to Asia - Year 2
Our near neighbours - Year 3
Saving the animals - Year 4
Humans and the environment - Year 5
Asia demographics - Year 6
Monsoons - Year 7
earthquakes in the region - Year 8
Food security - Year 9
Asia and its biomes - Year 9
Wellbeing in Asia - Year 10
Travelbugs - a social learning network that allows students to investigate other countries and cultures and participate in collaborative activities with peers-
East Asia in Geographic Perspective -
South Asian Cultural Heritage Sites - (a great site with stats, maps, images and info)
MIT Visualising Cultures (Japan and China) - historical and contemporary images, ideas and lessons
Connect Asia – Radio Australia: An excellent accompanying website with archived podcasts can be readily used in your classes.
Origins - where Victorians come from; amazing stats and some in other language; brilliant for Maths too.
Gapminder - this site converts boring numbers into enjoyable, animated and interactive graphics. Great Stats for Asia!
The Arts:
The Legacy of Ghengis Khan -
Many units of work available from Australian and International Art Galleries all accessible at Netvibes
Online Museum resources on Asian Art -
Netvibes - links to the Art Galleries - VERY RICH site
Sound Infusion- A unique learning tool that incorporates music and culture from all over the world suitable for middle years upwards. It is a free, online, interactive learning experience that blends music making and cultural awareness.

Screen Australia - search for great films to support your teaching -

Multicultural Directory in Victoria - use it to find resources, incursions, excursions -

The Buddha -