Leading 21st Century Schools Victoria: engage with Asia - a program for principals and Schools

A project for leading principals
The project works with principals to support the development of Asia-literate schools and students by building their school's capacity to equip students with intercultural knowledge and competencies required for life in a rapidly changing world. The project focuses on including studies of Asia across the curriculum in line with the Australian Curriculum.

Case Studies
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Most Significant Change process
Asia literate rubric

There are 5 Victorian Cohorts involved in this project:

The National pilot cohort was launched in 2008

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Prin. Assocations, Policy and Leadership,Teacher Capacity, Curriculum Development,Most Significant Change story
Asia literacy in Action: Secondary Arts Secondary Humanities Grade 5/6 integrated class Secondary English


Read the 2014 Report here:
Read the 2013 Report here:
Read the 2012 Report here:
Read the 2011 Report here:
and the 2010 report here: external image pdf.png

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