Internationalising Schools

The Department of Education and Training is providing workshops and Professional Learning for principals and school teams on the importance and imperatives of internationalising our schools to grow engaged global citizens.

A new ebook resource Internationalising Schooling: a Guide for Victorian Schools is available hereIVS cover.PNG or here

The first workshop presentation for principals is available here:

Global competencies of teachers and students as suggested by delegates:

The handouts for the full day professional development for school teams are available here:

Important/useful links:

Intercultural Capability in the Victorian Curriculum
Intercultural Scope and Sequence F-10
Global Citizenship Continuum of Practice (on page 41-2)
Further information on the Ladder of inference
More information on DMIS and how to challenge growth
Hofstede Dimensions of Culture
Resource kit from Salto youth – Support Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities for Youth as part of the EU
Commissions Training Strategy

Culture Connector
Culture Compass - see the App store
Culture GPS - see the app store
Culturedude - game for exploring 120 countries and their cultures

Simulation Games:

The Derdians

Presentation slides: