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VATE conference December 2009

Issues and Asia workshop

Ideas for use of The River http://www.asiaeducation.edu.au/for_students/student_activities/the_river_student_resource.html

Connections to the National curriculum http://www.asiaeducation.edu.au/english_-_across_the_stages_of_schooling.html

Other websites used:
Studies of Asia wikisite https://studiesofasia.wikispaces.com.au
Asia Education Foundation Website: http://www.asiaeducation.edu.au
Global Education Website: http://www.globaleducation.edna.edu.au
Wilkins Farago website: http://www.wilkinsfarago.com.au/teachers.html
Libby Hathorn: http://www.libbyhathorn.com/games/games.html

Art: Education Victoria - why Asia? conference

October 2009

Resources, networks, support

Human Rights Today

October 2009

Trekking Through ​Tiger Territory

July 30 at the Melbourne Zoo


Shelley Waldon, Chris Banks and Maggie Catterall enthralled us with
  • a twilight feeding session of Rani the tiger,
  • great activities to teach us about palm oil, its impacts on tiger habitat and what we can do about it
  • conservation programs around the world and how we can get involved
  • ideas for Book Week - with a Safari theme
  • how to make a mandala and mind maps about Tigers
  • our own school copy of Ambush At Bandhavgarh Order your copies here:
  • a great display of resources from LMERCWe were treated to feast from our own tiffins (photo).

Handouts from the night can be accessed here:

The units of work produced to support these for upper primary can be accessed here
Units of work for lower/middle secondary can be accessed here

Dragon keeper/Hero
May 27 ACMI
The book participants received signed by Carole on the night.
The book participants received signed by Carole on the night.

Carole Wilkinson, author of Dragonkeeper, Dragon Dawn, Garden of the Purple Dragon, and Dragon Moon, enthralled her audience with her journey with dragons and the genesis and gestation of the Dragonkeeper series. She showed how her research uncovered the translated text from an original 2000 year old document that gave her the inspiration for the series. This, coupled with personal anecdotes and life experiences, picture story books, photographs from a balloon, line drawings of a mouse and an ancient stone sculpture all came together to form the historical authenticity of her tale and the period in which it is set.
This was a must for History, English and Art teachers, showing how enquiry and imagination can work together to engage and educate students.
Participants were also treated to a delicious Peking Duck dinner over a viewing of the film Hero which is also set in a similar period to the Dragon keeper series.

Websites to support the Dragonkeeper series:
Teachers notes:
Dragon Dawn http://www.walkerbooks.com.au/statics/dyn/1320363037418/Dragon-Dawn-Teachers-Notes.pdf
Dargonkeeper http://www.walkerbooks.com.au/statics/dyn/1320361115915/Dragon-Keeper-Teachers-Notes.pdf
Garden of the Purple Dragon http://www.walkerbooks.com.au/statics/dyn/1320381441101/Garden-of-the-PurpleDragon-Teachers-Notes.pdf
Carole Wlkinson's website http://www.carolewilkinson.com.au/

A brilliant unit of work using Dragonkeeper is a great way to challenge your students, get them researching and reading

Some recommended sites on Dragons
See also: http://imet.csus.edu/imet1/speed/dragonquest/ for a webquest on dragons

Here is the brief synopsis of the film:

Other websites:

Emperor Qin Shi Huang -- First Emperor of China

Art Gallery of NSW Terracotta Warriors exhibition

First Emperor classroom activities
You can download the beautiful handrawn paper dolls of a warrior and his horse and armour to use as a classroom activity.

How Web 2 Can support you in the Studies of Asia
March 30-31

Notes and links from the day
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